What Causes Migraines

Migraine headaches are rather common and in fact, a migraine headache is a very common problem that is seen in emergency rooms and physician's offices around the world. Fundamentally speaking, a migraine is due to changes in the brain and surrounding blood vessels which are affected by migraine causes.

Migraine Causes

The most common causes of migraines are due to eating certain foods, especially chocolate, nuts, alcohol and cheese. Not eating or drinking is another of a migraine headache triggers that is rather common. Other causes of migraine headaches which are less common include birth control pills, smoking, hormonal changes, stress and certain types of weather. Sensory stimuli such as bright lights and glare from the sun are a few more migraine headache triggers some sufferers experience.

Migraine Causes

Knowing the migraine trigger is important as it can help us to avoid it or to find most appropriate migraine headache treatment. Here is the list of most common migraine headache causes:

Migraine Causes Facts

- more than 50% of people suffering from migraine have family history of the disease

- migraine is most common for people in age of 30-50

- migraine triggers are individual, usually combination of factors act as migraine causes