Migraine Pain Management

Every single person who suffers from migraine headaches is very familiar with the intense, debilitating pain from these headaches which can make life hard to enjoy. Along with the awful migraine headache pain can be vomiting, light/noise sensitivity, irritability and depression. Every person who suffers from migraines is unique and each migraine headache presentation is different. However, everyone who has migraines have one thing in common which is they want to find migraine pain relief. If you have been suffering from migraine headaches which recur with regularity and feel that you have tried every method of dealing with the pain, here are a few tips to follow.

Migraine Pain Management

If nothing seems to help and the migraine headache pain simply will not go away, it should go without saying that you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. Your physician will ask you to describe the migraine headaches you are having so it would be helpful to keep a log of your migraines. Make a note as to what you ate before a migraine set in, what you were doing at the time and how you felt prior to and during the attack. Your doctor can run tests which can help him/her to determine the types of migraines you are having. He or she can then prescribe medication and suggest lifestyle changes you could make to help decrease the likelihood of migraines from occurring. At the very least you may find the pain to be more tolerable and/or less severe which could go far in helping you live your life to its fullest as you so well deserve to do.


It could prove beneficial to make an appointment with a chiropractor. Many migraine sufferers find migraine pain relief by doing so as chiropractors remove nerve interferences by locating bones in the spinal region which are out of place and are pressing on nerves. A chiropractor is skilled at being able to recognize and eliminate the underlying migraine cause headaches.  When he/she does this, your nervous system can resume its normal functioning and your migraine headaches can become less frequent and severe in nature.

Many migraine headache sufferers have found migraine pain relief through acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ages-old Chinese healing technique in which tiny needles are inserted under the skin to stimulate reflex points. Acupuncture for migraines works best when it is used between migraine episodes as a way of cutting down on stress and preventing future attacks.

Migraine Pain Management

Migraine pain management can be achieved through learning how to relief yourself of stress and learning how to relax. Doing some basic relaxation exercises daily for at least 30 minutes can help to rejuvenate your body and calm your mind. Lie or sit comfortably in a dimly lit room. Starting with your feet, begin contracting and releasing each muscle group up to your legs, into your arms and abdominal area. Hold the contractions for 3 to 5 seconds before moving on to the next muscle group. It also can prove helpful to take a nap as often as possible and to regulate your sleep schedule. A lack of sleep can increase the chances of triggering a migraine headache. It is best to get six to eight hours of sleep a night.


There are scores of scientists, researchers and doctors located around the world who are all trying to find a cure for migraine headaches. Until the day that a cure is found, migraine sufferers will have to rely on medications, diet and lifestyle changes, alternative medicine practices and home remedies as a means to reducing and/or eliminating the terrible, crippling pain that is common with migraine headaches. Do not simply tolerate the migraine headache pain you are feeling as there are many methods out there to try which have helped many other sufferers and which could very well help you too.

Pain Management Tips

- deep breathing and meditation can be excellent migraine pain relief

- endorphins that can be received from exercises have pain reducing effects

- visualization can be powerful migraine headache pain management tool, visualize calming place

-capsaicin found in hot peppers is known natural pain reliever and is excellent migraine pain management tool